Sunday, 21 December 2008

thinking of form for author

Jack in the Green. Those of you from the South Coast will be familiar with this [18th Century] rite and if you are fortunate enough to take part in the celebrations that take place in Hastings you may get the chance to have your nose daubed by a bogey or touch the jack himself [a ten foot high bush!]

Some more crude but exciting folksy morris men costumes.

Inauguration of the crushed velvet pleasuredome by Kenneth Anger, strange occult, metaphysical-ish imagery from this avant garde filmmaker. Pay heed to the strange costume and general visual mayhem.

One of the first modern Atmospheric Diving Suits, designed by Pop Peress in 1924.
Super functionality determined by real necessity, to stay alive at depth without being crushed. he suits are 'articulated' to allow movement and they resemble the human form, but they are exaggerated.

The 'living pod' designed by Archigram. A device used for portable/nomadic existence.

Gas Masks.

Microscopic detail of a fly's proboscis.

Proboscis monkey. Nasalis larvatus.
"A distinctive trait of this monkey is the male's large protruding nose, from which it takes its name. The nose is thought to be used in mating and is unique to the males of the species, reaching up to 7 inches in length. Besides attracting mates, the nose serves as a resonating chamber and works by amplifying their warning calls. When the animal becomes agitated its nose swells with blood, making warning calls louder and more intense"
courtesy of here.

An early 'atmospheric' deep sea diving suit.


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