Friday, 12 June 2009

Interventions on spaces and the public

Sol LeWitt's wall drawings and structures. His work spanned from works on paper to monumental structures outdoors and inside spaces. Often progressions of geometric forms (he was originally inspired by the motion capture photography of Eadweard Muybridge), and often reactions to the spaces they occurred in. See more via here.

Jenny Holzer's projections. Subverting the expected commercial voice inherant in the medium of billboards/public projections or broadcast, she creates interventions on the public space with intimate, personal, directly arresting messages. Highlighting the individual voice, comforting the oppressed, showing defiance against political or commercial mind-control and propaganda. See more via here and here

Peepshow exhibitions demonstrating exciting and surprising use of construction and collage to build installations and large scale illustrations. Looking forward to their next one starting next week.

Richard Long's first ever piece of what we now call Land Art – "A Line Made By Walking". Shown via here. See his site here. The Tate Britain is currently showing a retrospective of his work.

A Walking and Running Circle

"Ambient" advertising via here

More large scale illustrative interventions on spaces courtesy of the collaborative exhibition MEBEMEWEBE at Islands Fold...

And at the Nobrow publication launch exhibition at DreamBagsJaguarShoes. Note use of limited palette, a similar constraint that you have been encouraged to work within. See more here

Collections from locations oragnised in taxonomic displays in plastic sample bags (like forensic evidence bags), by Jake Tilson for his project called City Picture Fiction 1991-1999.

Nous Vous poster using paper relief /collage

More Nous Vous site specific work

and with uplifiting slogans of perseverance...something you could employ in your Leisure Centre work?

Ways to cover large surfaces with grids of smaller sheets of paper via here... In this case it is a blown up pixellated image...this process of tiling an image can be done in photoshop, or as similarly pixellated images via here. Warning... you may need a LOT of ink in your printer!

Workshop/prize awards ideas courtesy of here

The work of Charlotte Mann, using Colorama paper to draw life size scenes.

Jorge Orta... We need projectors like these!

Martino Gamper's interactive modular furniture building workshops. Setting certain parameters for the participants to work within but still create something unique.

And another workshop at an early V&A Village built to order on-site using previously gathered elements.

More Village Fete inventive interactive fun via here....

more via here

and note the sport-based physically interactive piece here

If you could's stall at the V&A Village fete

Chrissie Macdonald's "Overgrown" – unearthly, unique, "living" things emerge from dilapidated/abandoned/homogenised manmade space.

More responses to space in design and illustration via here

David Tremlett's Drawings for Spaces. Often ephemeral drawings in pastel, which can be almost blown or wiped away, other times more permanent. His works are again site-specific. and use colours and shapes which respond to the environments in which they are created, such as using dusts taken from the earth to make pigments, or drawing shapes which echo the play of light on a ceiling, as shown below.