Saturday, 24 April 2010

Inspiration for Camberwell Festival/end of year show 2010

From the book Tangible- High Touch Visuals...

Superhero presentations of usually uncelebrated workers

Dioramas built from found objects like food, sugar and drawing pins...Fantastical possibilities of pound shops / hardware shops of Camberwell spring to mind...

Recognisably recreated food packaging without the usual type/branding. Could you appropriate found foods and objects and insert your own stories and branding?

YCN's revived dead tree (members of the public stick on new colourful paper leaves). Renewal/regenerational aspirations. Also see the relief made from abstracted maps and emblems of town planning

Celebrating the usually unseen backs of houses. Often Georgian houses have grand facades and bleaker, plainer backs. What tales of the unseen Camberwell can you tell?

Jessica Stockholder's transformation of the mundane into painterly installations, from found objects like mattresses and the insides of old fridge doors.

Haim Steinbach's mock shop displays. His work investigates status and value systems / shopping / shelf display / ethnography / reading of objects.

Georgina Starr's installations recreating nostalgic scenarios and experiences created with found objects and filmed or drawn narrative elements

Manfred Pernice's personalisation of civic architecture in models which investigate the interlacing of personal / public, via neutral stripped back and extracted forms from the built environment juxtaposed and overlayed with hints of narrative detail.

Fischli and Weiss's recreation/celebration and use of everyday objects to build surprising landscapes and scenarios (e.g. cigarette butts/ hotdogs/ cardboard boxes to make an urban scene). You may know their incredible and influential Der Lauf Der Dinge video / installation.

Mark Dion's taxonomic collections from a locale/for a theme, challenging but aping ideologies, and scientific categorisations of history, knowledge and the natural world, rewriting the past and envisioning futures.

Laura Oldfield Ford's psychogeographic drawings and zines of locales of London and their changing histories and narratives. Read about her vision of the post-olympic future of East London here

Olivier Kugler's reportage illustration

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pictoplasma - Pen to Paper @ Concrete Hermit

Another useful exhibition for you and your Biopic project. Here's the blurb from the Concrete Hermit website...

26th March – 24th April 2010

Berlin based project Pictoplasma is regarded as the world’s leading authority on contemporary character design. Starting with the first Conference in 2004, a diverse, international audience has been attending Pictoplasma Festivals in Berlin, New York and Argentina establishing a vast creative network and lively exchange of ideas. It’s numerous publications and events focusing on the impact and role of character design within the world of contemporary art and design have found international acclaim.

Their latest publication, Pen to Paper, launches in the UK with an exhibition at Concrete Hermit on the 25th March. The book presents the most adventurous images of a select group of international artists whose work finds its genesis in traditional analogue techniques. The recent revival of analogue skills has injected immeasurable visual wealth into the world of illustration, fine art and especially character design. Artists reject the computer and channel their creativity through spontaneous freehand drawing. The spontaneity of this kind of creativity allows for a more free-flowing form of expression, leading to edgy and untamed beings, erupting with energy – the perfect antidote to the plethora of digital imagery abundant today.

The exhibition will feature a fine selection of figurative drawings, watercolours and collages.

Pick Me Up, contemporary graphic art fair at Somerset House

Worth looking at in preparation for your end of year show, and as a follow on from your society group project you just did...Blurb from the Somerset House website about this exciting art fair...

23 April - 3 May 2010
Embankment Galleries, South Wing 
£5, concessions £4

Open daily 10.00-19.00, until 20.00 on Fri 23 April and Thur 29 April.

Special Glug evening Wed 28 April, 19.00-22.30, £7.50

Somerset House presents Pick Me Up, the first contemporary graphic art fair in the UK. The fair will bring together the most exciting graphic artists working today, giving you the opportunity to buy limited edition, affordable graphic art, illustration and design.

 The fair will be presented alongside a lively programme of events and activities including an open studio from legendary paper artist Rob Ryan.

Buy graphic prints, drawings,
t-shirts and fanzines

Art and design collectives and galleries, including Evening Tweed,It’s Nice That, Print Club London, Nobrow, Concrete Hermit, Le Gun, Peepshow, Landfill Editions, Nous Vous, will set up shop at Somerset House selling specially commissioned work. With graphic prints, drawings as well as T-shirts and fanzines on sale, there will be something for everyone.

The space will include screen-printing workshops run by Print Club London with invited guest designers drawn from the great and the good of the graphic design world, and a programme of film screenings curated by It’s Nice That.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Author project pictures on Flickr

See photos of your costume debuts and final presentation of all Author work before Easter on the right side in "Us"

Cut-out animation from Jan Lenica

You may know Jan Lenica's poster work, but he has worked in many fields such as costume design, children's book illustration, architecture, music, and film. In his animation you may recognise a lineage of political satire collage/cutout style harking back to the Dada group of artists such as Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters or John Heartfield, but as this clip points out, you may also recognise his influence on the likes of Terry Gilliam (Monty Python animation era) and Jan Svankmajer. If you are interested in this lineage, see this great website with its timeline of photomontage, called "nu-real: fantastic photomontage and its possible influences 1857-2007"

If you click this film and see it in youtube there are many other very seminal films to view down the right hand side or just look here at TheMotionBrigade's movie selection...all very good.

Yuri Norstein, analogue genius

Make sure you check out his films, but this documentary is very interesting to understand his working process and crazy hardware!

His use of visual poetry, and atmospheric characterisations, locations and detailed motion are painstakingly constructed in layers of acetate and paper on huge panes of glass which can also be projected through with filmic textures.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Czech animators/Film makers...

Worth going to at the Horse Hospital. This is the blurb from their website...
An exhibition presenting work by five Czech film directors, artists and animators: Michal Zabka, Vaclav Svankmajer, Noro Drziak, Jan Bubenicek and David Sukup. All graduates of the Film and TV School of the Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), they share the heritage of the great Czech animation school as represented by the works of Karel Zeman, Jiri Trnka, Jan Svankmajer as well as having the great animator Bretislav Pojar as their teacher. Already acclaimed for their work while at FAMU, all five filmmakers are now working on their highly anticipated first feature length films. Photographs from their films, puppets, props, designs and story-boards document their filmmaking processes and illustrate their highly individual work.
Curated by Zuzana Povysilova

The exhibition is complemented by screenings of their films at the Ciné Lumière on 14, 18 and 20 April.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Johnny Kelly's Lipsync workshop with some of our first year group

Results of a two hour stop motion workshop with Johnny Kelly (movie kindly donated from his Vimeo page) at Camberwell College of Arts, November 18th, 2009, involving BA Illustration First Years students and FDA Design Practice and Illustration (for Sequence & Interaction) students, and some sections by the production company who represent him, Nexus Productions.

A very successful and impressively organised workshop with great results! Thanks Johnny. See photos of the workshop here...

Participants listed by Johnny Kelly as follows:-

0:00 — 4:00

Maelle Noe

Eun Kyoung Ju

Ben Woodcock

15:08 — 25:04

Lucy Towle

Sophie Whetton

Victoria Wilmott

Charlotte Jones

25:05 — 29:06

hemalodedra (sorry I don't know full name here!)

Aaron Cook

Lewis Stringer

29:07 — 34:05

Ella Mclean

jozy2 (sorry again, real name unknown)

Emma Williams

37:11 — 41:09

Maelle Noe

Eun Kyoung Ju

Ben Woodcock