Wednesday, 12 December 2012

End of term show for BA Illustration First Year students

It's been a busy term so not much time for blogging but this was the finale...Dr Syn: BA Illustration 1st year Drawing Trip Exhibition.

Drawing trips to East Sussex, Kent and London locations were organised to gather research and make development work in response to the story Doctor Syn: A Smuggler Tale of the Romney Marsh by Russell Thorndyke.

Immersive life drawing environments were then created and directed by the students and staff from the initial research, in order to further the visualisation for the final pieces.

This exhibition shows some of the research and development work, as well as the final pieces. A few of the sketchbooks in the exhibition are shown below as a taster, but click the above link to see full exhibition and final pieces. Hoping to receive a link to better quality photos soon as these were limited by iPad camera resolution...

First year, first week, performance ice breakers

These were the first days in the course with the current first year. A very strong start here in the ice breaker performances to songs given by each tutor. Each group has three days to devise and create all elements you see here...

golden goat by snakefinger from Johanna Dennis on Vimeo.

amos moses by jerry reid from Johanna Dennis on Vimeo.

bat chain puller by captain beefheart from Johanna Dennis on Vimeo.

maybe it' esther rolle from Johanna Dennis on Vimeo.