Saturday, 9 May 2009

Multitudes of motion...

Showreel of Swedish director Daniel Eskils, showing an assemblage of his often lo-fi/partially lo-fi moving image techniques which might interest you, ranging across puppetry, costume, collage stop motion, overhead projector drawing, and good old pixillation.

Kris Moyes' videos for Beck, The Softlightes and Architecture in Helsinki (Heart it Races), show similarly imaginative and mostly lo-fi techniques. See more of his work here

When searching for Kris Moyes' AIH video on YouTube I also found a repertoire of their other videos, and they obviously have a taste for maximum energy and effect for minimum means. Note their combination of costume, movement and a gymnasium...Might be useful for your Leisure Centre exhibition?

And finally a sweded version of Tron, the very hi-fi-for-its- time sci-fi film from 1982.

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