Monday, 29 November 2010

ghanaian coffins

These coffins, made in Accra, Ghana reflect the unfulfilled dreams, and even the trade of the dead person.

The story goes that in the first half of last century one Ata Owoo was well-known for making magnificent chairs to transport the village chief on poles or the shoulders of minions.

When Owoo had finished one particularly elaborate creation, an eagle, a neighbouring chief wanted one too, this time in the shape of a cocoa pod. A major crop in Ghana.

However, the chief next door died before the bean was finished and so it became his coffin.

Then in 1951, the grandmother of one of Owoo's apprentices died.

She had never been in an aeroplane, so he built her one for her funeral, and the 50 year old tradition was born.

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  1. I saw very similar ones at British Museum, think they were from New Zealand.. Am not sure if they had the same story background, but those Ghanaian coffins are very touching. Thanks for the posting.! :-)