Monday, 16 March 2009


The story of the Union Jack, clever amalgamation of several national flags.

A diagram describing the colour proportions of major world flags, interesting to note that the same colours appear over and over again, there is a predominance of red and blue and yellow.

Above and below flags produced by the Fante, a tribe from Ghana. The flags are particular and narrative in nature and all produced using the process of appliqué. Most of those preserved were produced during the period in their history when the British ruled [around the mid to late 19th Century]. It is interesting to note the bastardised versions of the Union Jack, possibly an act of interpretation / subversion.


another example of the crossover from narrative and anecdotal imagery to symbolic and abstracted statement making! This is John Quelch's flag, a notorious pirate, scourge of the seven seas, ravager of man/woman/children/dog/cat/guinea pig ahaaargh!!! etc etc.

This time we have the flag of Captain Dulaien.

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