Tuesday, 10 March 2009


This is the oldest 'extant' pre - Renaissance rectangular map of the world. Produced in Egypt in the first half of the 11th century and part of a collection of images known as the book of Curiosities. Some of the images contain [possibly] the first cartographic references to England [Angle terre]. But more/equally interesting is the mode of visual description, the ability to produce an image which relies on Euclidean observation converted in to 2D, abstraction of space, and an economy of articulation.

Another image form that book of curiosities [all courtesy of here, thank you very much. This image depicts the Indian Ocean, again a clean, efficient and abstracted 'graphic' representation of geographical space. There are liberties taken with information and a degree of imagination applied to fill in the gaps.

This time an image of the Indus.

The world map according to Ptolemy.

Satirical map depicting the state of Europe during the first World War.

Images from the Kyushu medical book.

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