Monday, 5 October 2009

a still from Gyorgy Ligeti's Le Grande Macabre, a piece of avant garde opera [currently on at the Coliseum/ENO]. The action takes place in/around a giant woman's body. It is a colourful and often shocking piece that uses dramatic/surreal and often crude visual techniques to carry forward the narrative [basically a failed apocalypse, death gets drunk and forgets to wreak havoc].

this is an excerpt from the triadic ballet produced by Oskar Schlemmer whilst resident at the Bauhaus.You are probably familiar with the imagery but it is good to acknowledge the sheer innovation in terms of character design/palette. Schlemmer was interested in the way that a body/form occupied space and an awful lot of his thinking/making engaged with this problem. See below. When thinking about this project be conscious of the space [and its limitations]. you may be able to use this to your advantage.

so I found this image whilst scanning around for imagery related to Mr Schlemmer. It is entitled a 'Bauhaus Christmas' so I am assuming that it was produced at that venerable establishment. But thinking about the relationship between scale/light/drama/articulation it is an interesting use of directional light and object. We are all familiar with the use of a spotlight but the combination of a baby faced mask/bizarre candelabra-modernist christmas tree and musical instrument make for a peculiar spectacle.

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