Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Johnny Kelly's Lipsync workshop with some of our first year group

Results of a two hour stop motion workshop with Johnny Kelly (movie kindly donated from his Vimeo page) at Camberwell College of Arts, November 18th, 2009, involving BA Illustration First Years students and FDA Design Practice and Illustration (for Sequence & Interaction) students, and some sections by the production company who represent him, Nexus Productions.

A very successful and impressively organised workshop with great results! Thanks Johnny. See photos of the workshop here...

Participants listed by Johnny Kelly as follows:-

0:00 — 4:00

Maelle Noe

Eun Kyoung Ju

Ben Woodcock

15:08 — 25:04

Lucy Towle

Sophie Whetton

Victoria Wilmott

Charlotte Jones

25:05 — 29:06

hemalodedra (sorry I don't know full name here!)

Aaron Cook

Lewis Stringer

29:07 — 34:05

Ella Mclean

jozy2 (sorry again, real name unknown)

Emma Williams

37:11 — 41:09

Maelle Noe

Eun Kyoung Ju

Ben Woodcock

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