Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cut-out animation from Jan Lenica

You may know Jan Lenica's poster work, but he has worked in many fields such as costume design, children's book illustration, architecture, music, and film. In his animation you may recognise a lineage of political satire collage/cutout style harking back to the Dada group of artists such as Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters or John Heartfield, but as this clip points out, you may also recognise his influence on the likes of Terry Gilliam (Monty Python animation era) and Jan Svankmajer. If you are interested in this lineage, see this great website with its timeline of photomontage, called "nu-real: fantastic photomontage and its possible influences 1857-2007"

If you click this film and see it in youtube there are many other very seminal films to view down the right hand side or just look here at TheMotionBrigade's movie selection...all very good.

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