Saturday, 24 April 2010

Inspiration for Camberwell Festival/end of year show 2010

From the book Tangible- High Touch Visuals...

Superhero presentations of usually uncelebrated workers

Dioramas built from found objects like food, sugar and drawing pins...Fantastical possibilities of pound shops / hardware shops of Camberwell spring to mind...

Recognisably recreated food packaging without the usual type/branding. Could you appropriate found foods and objects and insert your own stories and branding?

YCN's revived dead tree (members of the public stick on new colourful paper leaves). Renewal/regenerational aspirations. Also see the relief made from abstracted maps and emblems of town planning

Celebrating the usually unseen backs of houses. Often Georgian houses have grand facades and bleaker, plainer backs. What tales of the unseen Camberwell can you tell?

Jessica Stockholder's transformation of the mundane into painterly installations, from found objects like mattresses and the insides of old fridge doors.

Haim Steinbach's mock shop displays. His work investigates status and value systems / shopping / shelf display / ethnography / reading of objects.

Georgina Starr's installations recreating nostalgic scenarios and experiences created with found objects and filmed or drawn narrative elements

Manfred Pernice's personalisation of civic architecture in models which investigate the interlacing of personal / public, via neutral stripped back and extracted forms from the built environment juxtaposed and overlayed with hints of narrative detail.

Fischli and Weiss's recreation/celebration and use of everyday objects to build surprising landscapes and scenarios (e.g. cigarette butts/ hotdogs/ cardboard boxes to make an urban scene). You may know their incredible and influential Der Lauf Der Dinge video / installation.

Mark Dion's taxonomic collections from a locale/for a theme, challenging but aping ideologies, and scientific categorisations of history, knowledge and the natural world, rewriting the past and envisioning futures.

Laura Oldfield Ford's psychogeographic drawings and zines of locales of London and their changing histories and narratives. Read about her vision of the post-olympic future of East London here

Olivier Kugler's reportage illustration