Saturday, 21 February 2009

Woof Wan Bau/Jeff Keen/Martha Rossler/Richard Fenwick/Johnny Hardstaff/Charles and Ray Eames

A promo for coldcut by moving image maestro Joji Koyama aka Woof Wan Bau. Simple means, restricted palette, rudimentary animation but wonderful nevertheless. Joji's is currently teaching on the Foundation course at Camberwell and is part of the nexus stable of directors.

Marvo movie by Jeff Keen. Layered up graphic/pop imagery, combines stop motion with live action. It is Fast and furious image making, avant garde in its approach to narrative, irreverent in its attitude to filmmaking. See more here.

Martha Rossler, American performance artist. The Semiotics of the Kitchen begins as a dry 'telling' of the objects in the kitchen and becomes a more visceral expression of the inherent associated meaning of those things.

Safety Procedures by Richard Fenwick, a bone dry and darkly humorous look at the efficacy of safety procedure cards found on commercial flights. The appropriation of inexpressive/diagrammatic language to tell the horror story of airborne disaster serves to subvert and amuse.

Something simple, something beautiful by Johnny Hardstaff.

Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames. Giving us information/enlightenment/wonder.

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